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Male Treatments

For several reasons men suffer from the affects of ageing more than women do. These reasons include a lack of skin care and lack of protection from the sun. Traditionally men have managed this ageing better than women. BUT… change is a-foot!

The modern man is defined by his youthful and well groomed appearance. Men are becoming more comfortable with the idea of skin care both in grooming rooms and at home.

Facial expressions crease the skin causing frown lines, crows’ feet and other ‘dynamic’ wrinkles for which the one solution is having a treatment that temporarily blocks the nerve signals from stimulating facial muscles, preventing contraction and thereby causing relaxation. Reducing repetitive facial contractions with Botox treatments allows the skin to recover and lines to fade away; with time the subconscious habit of excessive facial expression is broken and the muscles are re-trained into a more relaxed attitude.

GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) often publishes features discussing male treatments and the ways in which Non-Surgical Medical Cosmetic Treatments can be of benefit for men. Some of these ideas are detailed below:

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  • Try sleeping on your back! Squishing your face on your pillow night after night can lead to sleep lines, which may become permanent. You can work out which ones are from sleeping because natural wrinkles always form perpendicular to the way the muscles move. If you really can’t nod off with out your face squashed into the pillow you could buy a ‘Beauty Pillow’.


  • Alternatively attempt to reduce the effects with great non-invasive products containing retinol such as the prescription strength Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Transformation or a gentler but intensive system such as Obagi 360′. By perfecting the delivery of retinol to the skin, the creams and serums diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

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