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Cheek Fillers

Cheek Enhancement or Cheek Fillers are the foundation treatment for rejuvenating the face.

Due to the ageing process underlying structures such as the cheek fat and the cheek bones loose their ability to support the skin of the face as they did in the fullness of youth. In past years the solution was thought to be a face lift but over recent years advances in Non-Surgical Medical Cosmetics have brought rejuvenation with dermal filler treatment within the grasp of any one seeking a more youthful look.

Types of Cheek Fillers available

There are a variety of dermal filler products suitable for cheek filling but what ever product is chosen it will be one with volumising and lifting capabilities. Advanced technical skill is employed to place the product precisely along the cheek bones to recreate fuller cheeks with a beautifying curve. According to the universal concepts of beauty there is a particular point along the cheek bone known as the point of beautification.

Placing cheek filler precisely upon this point Chérie WILL beautify your face! Men and women benefit equally from cheek enhancement treatment, although the product placement will be adjusted to fit your individual facial requirements.

Dermal filler products available

Volumising dermal filler products you may be interested in for your cheek enhancement include:


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