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Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair quickly and easily with Laser Hair Removal in Bingley

headerIf you’re looking for laser hair removal in Bingley you’re in the right place. You will be treated with the British manufactured Energist i300 ePulse laser which uses short, safe, controlled pulses of light to remove unwanted hair quickly and effectively. Carefully selected and specific wavelengths are absorbed by melanin, the pigment found in hair.

This absorbtion process produces heat, which heats the hair, damaging the follicle along with it’s ability to regenerate. Hundreds of hair follicles are treated with each pulse, making this a fast and effective way to treat unwanted hair.

What’s involved?

laser hair removal graphicClients who want laser hair removal in Bingley are recommended to take a course of 6-8 treatments on each area.

Treatments need to be spaced 4-6 weeks appart to accomodate the natural hair growth cycle. Your skin type will be determined at your initial consultation and a test patch will be performed using the system settings that best suit your individual features.

The hair covering the treatment area will be trimmed (or shaved/trimmed the day before) and a cooling gel applied ensuring that the light is used effectively to give maximum results from your Energist treatment.

hair removal circleYour skin will then be exposed to a series of light pulses, flashing in rapid succession. The treatment is fast and can take as little as five minutes.

Hairs treated will fall out naturally over a period of one to three weeks, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

For more information, or to book laser hair removal in Bingley, please contact me on 07787686253.



Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal price list

  • Lip - £40 per session
  • Chin - £40 per session
  • Lip and Chin - £65 per session
  • Underarm - £65 per session
  • Bikini line - £75 per session
  • Bikini extended - £85 per session
  • Bikini full - £95 per session
  • 1/2 leg - £120 per session
  • 3/4 leg - £150 per session
  • Full leg - £170 per session
  • Full leg and Bikini line - £200 per session
  • Men's Chest - £125 per session
  • Men's Back - £125 per session
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