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Chérie Scanlon BSc (Hons.) RGN NIP

Specialist Practitioner

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11+ Years Aesthetic Practice
Across Lancashire,Yorkshire, Merseyside & The Humber
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Home Visits

Chérie is a Specialist Community Nurse. Specialist Community Nurses are competent to practice independently in diverse settings due to their ability to exercise higher levels of judgement, discretion and decision-making in clinical care. This Registered Nursing qualification means that Chérie is qualified to practice in and bring her clinical expertise into your home.

When you speak with Chérie to arrange your appointment she will ask where you would rather be treated. You may choose to be treated in your own home (there maybe an additional fee depending on location). Some people find that having their treatment at home ensures maximum privacy and comfort.

When Chérie comes to your home she will bring along a treatment couch and everything needed for your comfort and safety.
Therefore in order for Chérie to treat you at home she will need space to set up her couch where there is good lighting and privacy.

When she arrives on the day of your appointment Chérie will apply topical anaesthetic cream to your skin so that it has plenty of time to numb the area(s) to be treated. She will then carry out a comprehensive medical consultation (if this has not been done previously) and set up a clinical area within your home.

You are kindly requested to ensure someone is available to supervise your children, put any pets in a different room and to refrain from smoking during your treatment visit.

Chérie has had extensive Community Nursing experience having worked in District Nursing, Practice Nursing and Health Visiting. Chérie brings her clinical expertise into your home and the salons she visits.

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